Our Results

  • Guinea’s fish export ban by the European Union lifted

    through fisheries and aquaculture policy, institutional and systems reforms


  • Strengthened policies, institutions and systems

    for improved targeting and provision of support to women

  • Developed a processing blueprint

    that guides the scaling-up of fish processing and determines methods in which post-harvest losses can be mitigated

  • Policy Framework & Reform Strategy

    for Fisheries & Aquaculture in Africa approved at the AU-Heads of States Summit in Equatorial Guinea in 2014

  • Supported the African Regional Group

    to formulate inputs for the 32nd session of FAO’s Committee of Fisheries

  • Africa’s voice on fisheries and aquaculture strengthend

    through lobbying for the election of Guinea to the Chairmanship of FAO’s Committee of Fisheries (COFI) from 2018-2020

  • Promoted regional fish trade Fisheries Improvement Programmes

    developed for shrimp fisheries in 3 countries towards certification of the fisheries with the Eco Mark Africa Eco-label standards

  • Improved fish processing in 2 countries

    through research and pilot interventions to address the impacts of fish smoking on women’s health

  • Developed and operationalised

    regional platforms and networks for non-state actors in the fisheries and aquaculture sector