VET Toolbox: Call for proposals!!

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VET Toolbox: Call for proposals!!

Employment is key to development and inclusive growth. It generally leads to improved living conditions and reduces poverty. A main driver of employment is education, and particularly vocational education and training (VET). It equips people with skills that are in demand in the labour market. However, many of the VET systems in the developing world are not fit for purpose. People trained through these existing VET systems do not acquire the right skills and competences due to several limiting factors, particularly the lack of private sector involvement in the training and missing linkages to formal and informal businesses.

As a response, the European Union launched the VET Toolbox. This new international facility provides partner countries with additional and punctual support to enhance or monitor planned or existent VET reform programmes.

The VET Toolbox Call for Proposals is now Open and provides grant funding of EUR 250.000 to EUR 400.000 to at least 10 projects implemented in Africa and/or Asia. We fund new and innovative inclusive initiatives and tools that contribute to facilitate access to the formal and informal labour market for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups through improved employability and vocational education and training.

Deadline submission of concept note: 15 February 2019

To submit an application visit the VET toolbox website