Investment Prospectus Kenya


Executive Summary

This Investment Prospectus (IP) is a Government of Kenya ’s (GoK) document to attract investments into the country’s energy sector particularly to address the country’s SE4ALL goals of achieving universal access to sustainable energy to all , doubling the global rate of energy efficiency and doubling the global share of RE in the energy mix by 2030 .

The implementation of the IP will be led by a National Coordinat or in the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum supported by a technical Advisory body and a Finance Working Group equipped to mobilize resources.

The backing from the national experts will support informed decisions . The GoK has access to the support of the SE 4ALL Africa Hub and Global Facilitation Group for both mobilization of resources and technical assistance.

The implementation of the IP will contribute to the expected energy supply to meet Kenya’s Vision 2030 of being a prosperous Middle Income country and to increase the currently low access to electricity and modern energy services for cooking and heating. Renewable energy resources are abundant in Kenya in the form of geothermal, wind, solar , hydro , municipal waste, and cogeneration