Official Name: Republic of Burundi
Capital: Bujumbura
Independence Day: 1 July 1962
Currency: Burundian franc (FBu)(BIF)

Key Results

  • 1484 women and men were reached in the advancement of women rights and gender equality and human rights. The NEPAD Spanish Fund dispersed EUR679,451.00 towards supporting projects on protection and advancement of African women’s rights, promotion of a culture of peace, and the coordination of regional activities in crossborder informal trade.
  • Burundi is making efforts to address food insecurity, and chronic undernourishment by developing drought and disease resistant bean varieties targeting smallholder farmers.
  • Ruzizi III is a hydroelectric plant with a capacity of 145 MW to share power among Rwanda, Burundi and DRC promoted by CEPGL.
  • USD30 million for the Platform for Food Security and Rural Development of the Imbo/Mosso (PNSADR-IM) to improve water management and irrigation in drought-prone areas, improved technologies, productive assets, and the establishment of farmer field schools.