Partner with us

The Agency’s partnership portfolio has seen the establishment of a critical mass of partners engaging in joint programmes and projects which have been developed and implemented in support of the NEPAD Agency mandate as the African Union’s premier implementation agency.

In the next decade and beyond the focus of the NEPAD Agency will be on implementation of programmes and projects under the Agenda 2063 framework. The main objective of the NEPAD Agency partnerships strategy is to strengthen collaboration with African and non-African countries, regional and international financial institutions, bilateral and multilateral donors, philanthropists and private funds and foundations, as well as other high-level stakeholders to create dialogue and identify concrete areas of cooperation and support to accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Agency is continually building sustainable relationships with a broad range of partners, especially at the present time when the priorities and aspirations of the continent are becoming more impact driven, and systematically works with organisations operating in policy domains that have an increasing impact on Africa’s development. Beyond funding support, the Agency’s partnerships have ventured into technical support, staff exchanges, asecondments and information-sharing. Partnerships are the foundation of our work, inspiring a systematic exchange of experiences and best practices. To this end, a number of Memorandums of Understanding have been signed in various technical areas including research and knowledge exchange.

The aims of the Agency’s partnership strategy are to: 

  • Maximise on re-positioning of the Agency as the African Union’s foremost implementation agency that is able to engage in value-adding partnerships that impact on accelerated delivery of Agenda 2063 priorities
  • Collaborate in partnerships that align with the African Union’s reform agenda, enabling the NEPAD Agency to foster responsiveness and influence emerging insights, views and perspectives on Africa’s development agenda
  • Strengthen regional and international cooperation to promote Africa’s development and integration agenda through highly effective partnerships.