Experts Group Validation Meeting Africa Communication Network for Sustainable Energy for ALL Initiative (SE4ALL)

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The Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Initiative was launched by the United Nations Secretary General in September 2011 to achieve three inter-related goals by 2030: (1) Ensuring universal access to modern energy services; (2) Doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency; and (3) Doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. 

Since the launch of SE4ALL, Africa took the lead in responding to the initiative with 44 African countries out of 84 globally opted in the initiative. 

To coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the initiative in Africa, the Conference of Energy Ministers of Africa (CEMA) issued a resolution in November 2012 requesting the AUC, NPCA and AfDB to coordinate the implementation of SE4All in Africa. 

Responding to the CEMA resolution, the African Union Commission (AUC), the NEPAD Agency (NPCA) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) along with UNDP and in close coordination with the Global Facilitation Team (GFT) set-up the SE4All Africa Hub, which was officially launched in May 2013 in Marrakesh. The hub Secretariat is housed at AFDB.Beside the coordination and the implementation of SE4ALLInitiative in Africa, the Hub promotes African ownership, inclusiveness and a comprehensive approach to the Initiative’s implementation. NPCA and UNDP in collaboration with AUC and AFDB held a series of stakeholders consultative workshops in 2012 which have culminated in the development1 of three inter-connected frameworks to guide the implementation of SE4ALL in Africa: (1) Guidelines for Developing National Sustainable Energy for All Action Plans in Africa; (2) African Sustainable Charcoal Policy Framework, and (3) Africa Strategy for Decentralized Energy Services Delivery. The three documents were adopted by the CEMA Standing Committee in its May2014 Meeting. 

To attend to this issue ,the consultative workshops that were held in September ,December 2012 in Nairobi and March 2013 in Gaborone and were jointly organized by NPCA and UNDP in collaboration with AUC and AFDB and included the main African energy stakeholders at country and regional levels together with the development partners emphasised that capacity development is the corner stone in achieving the objectives of SE4ALL.Information flow, Monitoring and Evaluation and use of tracking systems are essential to the implementation of the SE4ALL initiative. In this regard, the workshop called upon the AU/NEPAD African Platform for Development Effectiveness (APDev) to take centre stage in facilitating the capacity development at national, regional and continental levels required for the implementation of the SE4ALL objectives, M&E, and inter-country/inter-REC knowledge management and information exchange. It also recognized the critical roles that regional, continental and international organizations play in enhancing the coordination and implementation of SE4ALL objectives. 

To respond to this call and with the support from UNDP Capacity Development Programme for NPCA Energy Division, a consultant was recruited to develop a framework for country’ focal points based an effective communication network that connects well with the main SE4ALL stakeholders at national, regional, continental levels and links with NEPAD and Africa Hub, in order to ensure efficient flow of essential information from Global down to country focal points and vice versa. 


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