Draft Concept Note (Arabic): 2nd NEPAD Regional Conference on Arts Education in Africa


The NEPAD Agency’s 2nd Regional Conference on Arts Education is informed by the UNESCO Regional Conference on Arts Education in Africa held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in June 2001. Conclusions were produced in a Booklet published by UNESCO to provide Guidelines for policy in the African Region on the subject. Furthermore, the 1st World Conference of UNESCO on Arts Education held in
Lisbon, Portugal in March 2006 and the 2nd UNESCO World Seoul Conference on Arts Education held in 2010 added to this background. In the Seoul conference all regions in the world, save for the African continent, presented their locus on Arts Education. The inability to present by the African continent was as a result of the bitty state of Arts Education, and that the approaches to Arts Education in Africa
were not in congruent to each other. The NEPAD Agency took the initiative to create podia, through Regional Conferences in the African continent, where all regions are to engage with one another in an effort to present in unison a Continental Framework.