Blueprint for an Integrated Approach to Implement Agenda 2063


This synthesis paper offers a broad framing of the kinds of historical and contemporary issues, which would be useful to consider in fleshing out the proposed African Agenda 2063. In doing so, it re-interprets the African historical experience and some of the key moments in the quest for the pan-African ideal. It does so to underscore the point that the core pillar and contribution of Agenda 2063 must be to help translate centuries of efforts to regain freedom, and to rebuild the self-reliance and dignity of Africans into an agenda for individual and collective renaissance. The paper also identifies some of the possible challenges to which the Agenda must respond if it is to be effective and relevant, the existing policy and institutional pillars into which it fits and on which it must build, and a broad menu of issues which would need to be further reflected upon towards its full-fledged articulation. A set of background papers annexed to this synthesis offer a more in-depth assessment of some of these issues, as a foretaste of the kind of additional technical work required in the course of articulating a robust 2063 Agenda for the continent.