Agriculture Public Expenditure Reviews (AgPER)

  • African countries as a whole need to revisit the debate on shares of agricultural spending versus total spending, which has ranged from 4 to 6 percent on aggregate since 1980.
  • Application of AgPERs in countries for whom NAIPs are not aligned with the central budgeting system will not be effective in responding to the aspirations of the Malabo Declaration – or, ultimately, AU Agenda 2063.
  • Countries must make every effort to ensure that public resources and donor funding are available to execute the NAIP implementation plan.
  • AgPERs should accompany JSRs and should mirror the objectives of the Biennial Review reporting processes, since they have the potential to strengthen dialogue during JSRs and BRs. Countries and development partners should set aside resources for AgPERs to be conducted regularly, therefore, as they represent value for money in terms of both government spending and donor support to the agricultural sector.