Capacity Development

Through its Capacity Development Programme, the NEPAD Agency works to enhance human, institutional and knowledge-based capacity of African institutions, guided by the African Union-NEPAD Capacity Development Strategic Framework (CDSF), adopted in 2010.

Based on six key cornerstones which reflect capacity development priorities in the African context, the framework is premised on the need for fundamental transformation, reorientation, and realignment of society-wide capacities and mind-sets as a basis for inclusive and results-oriented development. This vision anticipates a different development path where the comprehensive integration of capacity development is a standard practice.

The six cornerstones are:

  • Transformative Leadership    

  • Citizen Empowerment

  • Utilising African Potential, Skills and Resources

  • Evidence-Based Knowledge and Innovation

  • Capacity of Capacity Developers

  • Integrated Planning and Implementation for Results