South Sudan

South Sudan
South Sudan

Official Name: Rebpublic of South Sudan
Capital: Juba
Independence Day: 9 July 2011
Currency: Sudanese pound

Key Results

  • The Sudan Peace and Education Development Programme (SPEDP) facilitated the empowerment of 600 women in the Morobo and Magwi counties, through modern organic vegetable and fruit production techniques. Furthermore, the female farmers received seeds, water tanks, fertilisers and farming equipment. Additionally, training was provided to the beneficiaries on post-harvest handling and management.
  • In 2015, the inaugural IGAD Member States NMRA’s meeting was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. South Sudan successfully participated and signed the Call for Action to implement a regional Medicines Regulatory Harmonization (MRH) programme.
  • Juba Torit Kapoeta Nadapal Eldoret Road Project (DFS) aims to enhance interstate and regional connectivity, through upgrading a priority road section along a critical national and international corridor. The proposed project contributes to the overarching goal of integrating South Sudan to the regional markets and supporting the newly independent African State to function as a nation.
  • South Sudan received technical support from the NEPAD Agency to develop its draft CAADP Compact and Agriculture Investment Plan.