Niger Agenda 2063 Knowledge Hub

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The integrated nature of Agenda 2063 underscores and promotes integrated approaches, innovative and incentive systems that support collaboration across sectors within continental, regional, national and sub national spheres. This cross-sectoral approach increasingly requires the use of innovative tools to manage multi-sectoral, multi-partner implementation of public policies and flagship investment programs. This approach negates the traditional ‘silo’ approaches to development, and promises a more credible integrated planning model for greater transformative impact.

Geospatial tools present credible mechanisms for generating high quality and timely data, information and analysis, thereby fostering the application of multi-sectoral analyses of increasingly complex and dynamic development process; their ability to enable more frequent testing of theories of change and facilitating timely course corrections based on evidence gives them the credibility. Institutions that are capable of absorbing real-time information and have efficient systems to effectively utilize the information often achieve better results - accruing from timely corrective measures, more informed policy reforms, effective designs of programs and improved service delivery.

The CoP will function in the following manner:

  • Online discussions and consultations will be facilitated by the NEPAD Agency’s Technical Experts, with external and internal co-moderators who have good practices and insights to share on specific topics.
  • The topics to be discussed can be raised by CoP members and the moderators.
  • The discussion forums will run for 2 weeks.
  • CoP members are encouraged to participate by sharing experiences, recommendations, best practices and lessons learnt.
  • Contributions can be made in the form of comments, questions seeking clarification and sharing interesting articles in relation to the topic under discussion.
  • After the two week period of discussion, the topic will be closed and a summary of the discussion will be posted as an outcome document on the CoP document and resources section.

Benefits of being a CoP member:

  • Opportunity to exchange experiences with fellow African experts via online discussions, physical workshops and conferences.
  • Contact CoP members directly for in-depth exchanges.
  • Help identify priority issues on strengthening nutrition across the continent.
  • Stay informed on the latest news and developments.
  • Network with other practitioners and be part of a continental community.
  • Participate in webinars, workshops and surveys.
  • Access and share relevant resources, documents and news.