Call for Expression of Interest to Joint the AMRH Partnership Platform

Rationale for AMRH Partnership Platform
As part of its strategy to strengthen medical products regulatory capacity, the AMRH Programme is in the process of establishing the AMRH Partnership Platform (APP). The partnership platform is intended to serve as a robust coordination mechanism to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of the medical products regulatory systems strengthening and harmonization agenda in Africa, through optimal coordination of the different partners and stakeholders providing regulatory support on the continent.

The establishment of the AMRH Partnership Platform aligns with the direction the World Health Organization (WHO) is undertaking and serves as the African-chapter of the WHO-Coalition of Interested Partners (CIP). This is a collective multi-stakeholder mechanism with a continent-wide common perspective to ensure that partners build on progress made in the implementation of AMRH and various regulatory systems strengthening programmes and harmonization initiatives.

Strategically, the AMRH PP is expected to;
a) Increase collaboration among stakeholders supporting regulatory systems development in Africa;
b) Foster mutual responsibility, accountability and shared impact; and ultimately;
c) Minimize duplication; and
d) Coordinate efforts at all levels of implementation of the medical products regulatory work in Africa.

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